Behaviour-Led Bot Detection

The critical role of AI in countering malicious bot attacks on your web assets.

The Advancement of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the subset of AI, Machine Learning (ML), are at the forefront of technological and societal progress. Solutions to problems previously deemed to be incredibly complex and challenging, or even impossible are being unlocked by developments in the field of ML.

Once trained, ML algorithms can make predictions on data at phenomenal speed, and can, therefore, be used to automate complex and time-consuming tasks and to solve problems that are beyond the capability of humans to understand.

Why AI Matters in Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is about safeguarding an organisation’s systems, data, as well as the information of employees, clients, and affiliated parties, to prevent unauthorised access.

Confidential and sensitive data is valuable to bad actors for many reasons. Many of which have a financial aim; whether it be stealing data to sell-back or sell-on, stealing money, content theft, and much more.

Damaging Bot Activity by Market Sector

Price scraping, data scraping, inventory checking

Business Services

Attacks on the API layer, data scraping, account takeover

Education/Online Learning Platforms

Account takeover for students & course availability, scraping proprietary research papers and data

Entertainment & Arts

Account takeover, price scraping, inventory checking, scalping

Financial Services, Banking, Insurance

Account takeover, card cracking, content scraping

Food & Beverage

Credit card fraud, gift card fraud, account takeover

Gaming & Gambling

Account takeover, odds scraping, account creation for promotion abuse

Government & Public Services

Account takeover, data scraping of business & voter information

Healthcare Services

Account takeover, content scraping, inventory checking, vaccine appointments/availability

Information Tech & IT Services

Account takeover, scraping

Marketing & Agencies

Custom content scraping, ad fraud, denial of service

News & Media

Custom content scraping, ad fraud, comment spam, fake accounts

Retail & eCommerce

Denial of inventory, credit card fraud, gift card fraud, account takeover, data and price scraping


Sports updates, news, live score services data scraping (live scores, odds, etc)


Account takeover, competitive price scraping


Price & data scraping, skewing of look-to-book ratio, denial of service, price scraping, account takeover

Your bot management solution must protect from every OWASP automated threat and be accurate in detecting the difference between human and bot traffic on your website, mobile apps, and APIs.

Why Malicious Web Bots are Difficult to Prevent

The impact on cybersecurity and bot detection of the rapid developments in AI are profound and long-lasting.

Generative AI has allowed bad actors to create authentic looking data more easily to support phishing and vishing attacks. AI powered malicious bots can bypass traditional bot detection systems with ease.

Our sophisticated AI bot detection is the only way to combat this danger.

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