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Veracity scoops Best Marketing Tool Award

Veracity scoops Best Marketing Tool Award

19th Nov 2021.

Veracity scoops Best Marketing Tool Award

We are extremely proud to have won this year’s B2B Marketing Expo Innovation Award for Best Marketing Tool. This follows the recent win of the 2021 Prolific North Best Martech Innovation.

These awards recognise and reward the very best innovations in marketing technology in the UK and so we’re extremely proud to have been selected.

Following our shortlisting for the award, the finalist’s video submissions were put to the public vote, so it’s with thanks to Veracity customers, partners and MTEX exhibitors and visitors for voting for us!

Why Veracity is The Best Marketing Tool

  1. Multi-channel bot detection

Veracity detects invalid clicks across all major paid media channels, including Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat, as well as programmatic/display advertising.

  1. Award-winning technology

While ad-verification and click fraud prevention platforms typically rely on a limited number of indicators, and potentially out of date ‘blacklist’ IP lists, to detect bots, Veracity uses Digital Journey Tracking to collate all visitor actions and uses this data for individual visitor behavioural and network analysis, as well as looking at dozens of parameters to perform advanced OS/device fingerprinting.

It is for this technology and Veracity’s Veracity project with Innovate UK – the UK’s innovation agency – that Veracity recently won the Tech Nation Rising Starts 3.0 Cyber Award and the Prolific North Tech Award for Best Marketing Technology Innovation.

  1. Bot blocking on paid search and social

Veracity blocks bots on Google Search & Display Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads (including FAN).

Once a bot is detected, Veracity ensures that the device fingerprint is added to its unique bot protection database. This database is used to block bot impressions and clicks on paid campaigns. Veracity uses this to build regularly-updated, bot exclusion lists specifically for the client, giving them the maximum reduction in click fraud over time.

Because bots come and go gradually to help them evade detection, the platform only considers a bot fingerprint valid for a limited time to avoid over-blocking.

Veracity prides itself on being a champion of transparent marketing data, and with click fraud protection and mitigation across search and social, it feeds other parts of the Martech stack with better quality data, enabling improved analytics, decision-making and results.

  1. Accurate marketing analytics

Veracity brings all your paid campaign data into one easy-to-use platform.

Analytic features:

  • See the website analytics for actual human visitors only (not skewed by bot visits)

  • See all your marketing campaign website traffic from any online channel
  • Produce attractive reports in the platform or integrate with Google Data Studio

  • Identify and combat bot clicks and fraudulent website traffic to help you optimise your campaigns for more human visitors
  • Analyse the website visitor behaviour enabling you to see what campaigns are driving engaged users
  • Measure Cost Per Visit (CPV) and Cost Per Lead (CPL) to give marketers a true view of how their digital campaigns and channels are performing
  • See the SEO Lighthouse score of all website pages

Google Lighthouse Score

About Veracity

Veracity shows advertisers how much of their marketing budget is being wasted by bot clicks – malicious software programmed to steal clicks and impressions on pay-per-click [PPC] ads and Facebook Ads – and then takes steps to block these programs from wasting and distorting campaign data.

With more paid campaign clicks from genuine, human users rather than bots, conversions and ROAS increase.

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