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Why B2B marketers should use LinkedIn advertising

Why B2B marketers should use LinkedIn advertising

Whether you’re a freelancer looking to find new clients and opportunities, or an experienced manager in the market for a new job, LinkedIn advertising offers the tools you need to connect with other people and businesses.

Why LinkedIn advertising?

LinkedIn is a more powerful B2B marketing tool than Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Most social media services are geared towards user-to-user social interactions, and the tools and features they provide reflect this. On the other hand, LinkedIn is all about business; the entire service is designed for professionals from the ground up. LinkedIn campaign management tools are more powerful for B2B marketers than other social media services.

Placing ads on LinkedIn means users will see them alongside industry news, advice blogs, and other media of interest to professionals. By contrast, ads on Facebook are more likely to be seen alongside baby photos and Russian disinformation campaigns. The content surrounding your B2B ads can make a big difference to how your audience perceives them.

What is LinkedIn Insight Tag Manager?

The LinkedIn Insight Tag is a small snippet of Javascript that businesses can add to their websites. The insight tag tracks conversions when placed in your website’s global footer. The LinkedIn Insight Tag Manager is found under the main LinkedIn campaign manager.

Different types of LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn supports numerous types of ads. Businesses can increase their revenue by identifying and chasing B2B sales leads through the platform. LinkedIn provides some of the most powerful lead generation tools B2B marketers have access to. Advertising with LinkedIn enables businesses to achieve more than other types of social media adverts, thanks to LinkedIn’s unique user base. Understanding the different types of ads is essential if you are to use them to full effect.

Sponsored content: Sponsored ads are essentially LinkedIn posts that businesses pay to make more visible.

Direct sponsored content: These work the same as sponsored content, except they aren’t published on the user’s feed. They still appear like regular LinkedIn posts.

Message Ads: Targeted messages delivered to members’ inboxes. Note that users can opt out of receiving these. They were previously known as Sponsored InMail ads.

Text Ads: PPC ads that appear at the top of the page or app.

Dynamic ads: Dynamic ads incorporate information about the user viewing them, such as their photo and current job.

Image ads/carousels: You can upload individual images to promote your brand or combine multiple images into a carousel-style presentation.

Case Study

Target Market – people attending the Expo at the Birmingham NEC, which included business owners and Health and safety professionals.

The campaign ran over one week and targeted people walking in and out of the NEC informing them of our clients stand and keynote speech.

Ad spend – £200

Impressions – 11,271

CPC (Cost per click) £3.77

Landing page views 53

Conversions 0.47%

LinkedIn bid strategies:

A bidding strategy is essential for advertising with LinkedIn. Your bidding strategy will set the maximum amount you’re willing to spend on PPC ads. You can retain as much control as you want over your bidding or automate the process entirely if you prefer. With this in mind, let’s take a look at the different bidding strategies available.

Automated bid: LinkedIn will set the maximum bid amount for you based on your specified objectives. You can choose whether to prioritise the number of clicks or staying within your budget.

Maximum cost per click: MCPC gives you the greatest control over your spending. You set a maximum bid amount, and LinkedIn will place bids up to your limit automatically.

Enhanced cost per click: This works the same as MCPC, except LinkedIn will automatically optimise your bid to show it to users who are most likely to engage with it.

Maximum cost per view: This works like MCPC bidding, except you bid on views, not clicks.

Maximum cost per send: This bidding strategy only works with message ads. You set the maximum amount you are willing to spend on each message sent.

LinkedIn advertising is essential for B2B businesses, providing marketers with an array of tools for controlling their budgets and deploying their ads effectively.


Guest Post from Chris Morris, CVO at Shoo, written in November 2021.

To learn more, contact Shoo.

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