Hero Conf London 2022

Ad fraud: your hidden enemy & how to beat it

Nigel Bridges

It’s estimated that global losses to click fraud on digital ads will be over $50 billion a year by 2025. In this session you will learn what ad fraud really is, how it affects not only digital ads, but also has an impact across all related digital marketing activities.

You will walk away from this session with clarity about how you can measure the impact of ad fraud, what to look out for, and with several key takeaways about what you can change to reduce the impact on your activities.

About Nigel Bridges

Nigel is an experienced executive and advisor with a successful track record of growing technology businesses internationally. His key focus is on the Scale-Up stage of Software and Services businesses, transforming them through a clear agreed strategy, designing and delivering robust sales, delivery and operational processes to provide the platform for transformation and growth.

Nigel has worked at senior leadership level in both larger corporates and SMEs; and has been the CEO of a number of high-growth technology and services companies including Brains Direct / Endava, DTM, and Whitespace before co-founding Beacon.