Integrated Security Stack

Our protection works effortlessly alongside our customer’s existing security stack and integrates seamlessly with in place DDoS and WAF solutions.

An Essential Part of Any Security Stack

Client-Side Bot Protection usually gets overlooked, is applied inconsistently or incorrectly focused. This leaves you vulnerable to malicious bot attacks on or through your web platforms; leading to data breaches, loss of revenue and with a substantial risk to brand value.

Reference Architecture

Our solutions instantly protect your website, digital ads, reputation, customer data and traffic insights from bots.

Our patented, AI-powered bot detection engine identifies the risk of client-side malicious bot activity and takes it out of the equation.

Veracity Network Diagram - Reference Architecture

Your in-situ Edge Platform Security takes care of network level suspicious behaviour detection, allowing humans and human-mimicking malicious bots through.

The Internal Network serves up the requested content, in the case of a website: the DOM, CSS, JavaScript and references to media. Veracity’s bot protection is injected at this point.

SIEM Monitoring may be present for oversight of all website operations and the opportunity for SOC team action.

Reputation-based decisioning, IP blocks and network level suspicious behaviours are denied by the Edge Platform Security.

Human traffic and malicious traffic is mimicking human behaviour and patterns is allowed to access.

Veracity monitors and evaluates all session behaviours in near real-time, looking for malicious bot activity.

Once a session is determined to potentially be from a bot, Veracity can optionally challenge it, immediately block it, or refer the decision to the SOC team, depending on your exact requirements.

Award-winning malicious bot protection.

Cyber Award Winner 2021

AI-Enabled Data Solution of the Year – DataIQ Awards 2023 Finalist

Tech Innovation of the Year Winner – Leeds Digital Festival Awards

Cyber Security Company of the Year – UK Business Tech Awards 2023 Finalist

Best Use of AI – Tech Awards 2023 – Highly Commended

UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME 2024 –
Runner Up