Ad Fraud Prevention

By Veracity

Bots are hammering your PPC ad spend, polluting your analytics and harming your insights. AFP’s patented, AI-powered protection blocks fake traffic, increases conversions and produces data you can actually trust.

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Businesses lost more than $68bn to Ad Fraud last year

Bots make up more than 50% of web traffic, and their fake engagement with your Paid Search, Social and PPC ads is known as Ad Fraud. No human audience, no conversion at the end, and data that is ineffective for monitoring, campaign planning and intelligent business growth. Oh, and you’re paying for the click too, driving up the market rate. It’s an ROI nightmare — but it doesn’t have to be.

Ad Fraud Prevention by Veracity uses patented, AI-powered bot detection to protect your campaigns, budget and traffic data from fake activity. It takes just minutes to get started, for free, and start defending your Google, Facebook, Instagram and Bing ads.

Whether you’re a small business or a huge enterprise, Ad Fraud is costing you money.

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Ad Fraud, by the numbers

With bot traffic increasing, and ad platforms having no incentive to stop them, these numbers aren’t going to get better on their own.


Bots blocked per day by our patented, AI-powered bot detection engine.


Businesses lost over $68bn to Ad Fraud and fake clicks in 2022¹, with the US and UK in the top 5 hotspots.


Of all internet traffic comes from bots², wasting your ad spend and compromising your visitor data.


Of business ad budgets wasted by bots and Invalid Traffic (non-human visitors).

¹ Juniper Research – Digital Ad Fraud Report
² Imperva Bad Bot Report 2023

In just 2 weeks Hyundai saw a 24% reduction in fraudulent traffic. This gave them over 20,000 more clicks from legitimate human visitors.

A digital marketer’s best friend

AFP delivers market-leading bot detection and blocking — and a whole lot more.

Ditch fake data

Plan growth and build insights more accurately with uncontaminated, realistic data.

Cut budget waste

Improve ad spend value with fewer bots and more conversions from real humans.

Set & forget in minutes

Our simple setup gets you protected quickly, and then you just let it get to work.

Improve performance

Don’t let fake ad traffic ruin your website’s user experience for genuine prospects.

For brands, business owners and digital agencies.

Whether you’re spending £10,000 or £10,000,000 a month, Ad Fraud is hurting your business. Large brands use AFP to both plan their future activity accurately and save significant amounts, with large-scale advertisers saving more than the cost of AFP in the first few hours.

SMEs with limited budgets and technical resources get the absolute most out of their budgets thanks to AFP, avoid getting misled by fake data, and can get started in minutes on our free tier.

If you’re a digital marketing agency, you won’t just save your own budgets and analytics, you can do the same for your clients to make your work for them easier and more accurate. Provided as a value-add, you can manage a range of clients from a single dashboard thanks to AFP.

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Fake data yields fake results

Bot-inflated numbers might impress your competition, but they’re not going to help your business grow. They’re definitely not going to help you understand which campaigns are working, which content is actually succeeding rather than being scraped, and how much your actual customer acquisition cost is.

Ad Fraud Prevention’s customisable dashboard puts real data, reports and notifications at your fingertips, ready for scheduled exporting and analysis.

We won’t lie, it might sting the first time you see your true numbers. But from here on out, you’ll be working with the best, cleanest data you’ve ever had.

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You’ve protected your ads. Now protect your business from malicious attacks and data theft.

Web Threat Protection brings our patented, AI-powered bot detection to your website’s security — and you can set it up in 5 minutes.

Award-winning malicious bot protection.

Cyber Award Winner 2021

AI-Enabled Data Solution of the Year – DataIQ Awards 2023 Finalist

Tech Innovation of the Year Winner – Leeds Digital Festival Awards

Cyber Security Company of the Year – UK Business Tech Awards 2023 Finalist

Best Use of AI – Tech Awards 2023 – Highly Commended

UK’s Most Innovative Cyber SME 2024 –
Runner Up