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Ad fraud protection – overview

All-in-one ad fraud protection (previously marketed as Beacon) – Video walkthrough

Detect and block ad fraud. Get more human visitors. Generate more sales for the same ad spend.

We help you get the most from your PPC and paid ad campaigns by preventing bot clicks that can cost you up to 66% of your ad spend.

Powerful features you’ll love

Multi-channel detection

See invalid traffic and human clicks across all major paid media channels including programmatic & display.

Ad fraud protection

Protect against click fraud on Google Search & Display Ads, Microsoft Ads and Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Accurate campaign data

Measure visitor engagement on key metrics such as length of time on site, pages viewed and online actions taken.

How it works

Multi-channel ad fraud detection

Ad-verification and click fraud prevention platforms typically rely on a limited number of indicators and potentially out of date “blacklist” IP lists, when analysing for user authenticity. Veracity uses Digital Journey Tracking to collate all visitor actions and uses this data for individual visitor behavioural and network analysis, as well as looking at dozens of parameters to perform advanced OS / device fingerprinting.

Automated ad fraud protection

We use digital journey tracking and device fingerprinting to detect bots and add them to our bot protection database. This database is used to block bot impressions (for CPM) and clicks (for CPC) on paid campaigns. The bot database is regularly updated and uses custom bot exclusion lists to give maximum reduction in click fraud over time.

Reach more people (not bots) & waste less budget

Client data shows that up to 40-50% of your search and social clicks are invalid clicks by bots. With click fraud protection, bots are prevented from seeing and clicking on your ads, giving you significantly more human clicks for the same ad spend.

Data you can trust

We’ve been champions of transparent marketing data since our foundation. With click fraud detection and mitigation across search and social, our platform feeds other parts of the Martech stack with better quality data, to enable improved analytics, decision-making and results.

Trusted by brands, loved by agencies

Veracity is an award-winning technology platform recognised in the industry as a champion for transparent and accurate marketing data you can trust.

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