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Quantum Technology Roundtable provides insight for the future

Quantum Technology Roundtable provides insight for the future

Veracity Trust Network was honoured to be invited to take part in the Quantum Technology Roundtable held at QTIC in the heart of Bristol recently. 

The event, organised by Bristol & Bath Cyber, part of the TechSpark network, marked an important milestone in building an understanding of the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in this emerging field. 

Experts from across the Quantum and Cybersecurity communities, including Veracity’s Founding Technology Infrastructure Manager, Martin Barker, came together to discuss the current state and future implications for cybersecurity innovation in Quantum computing. 

Veracity Trust Network's Martin Barker at the Roundtable

Veracity Trust Network’s Martin Barker at the Roundtable

Research into quantum related technologies covers a wide range of topics, but not all of them have an immediate impact on cybersecurity. The discussion focused primarily on Quantum networking and communications. 

What was discovered at the Roundtable? 

One of the initial findings of the Roundtable discussion was that Quantum technology is still in its early stages.  

While the potential within Quantum technology is huge, it’s also vitally important to remember that different areas within the field are progressing at different speeds, meaning people need to be realistic about the impact this technology will have on different industries. 

Manging expectations means working out how much is science-fiction and how much is science-fact. 

Another important insight that emerged from the discussions was the need to bridge the gaps between the cybersecurity and Quantum teams.  

It became apparent that fostering collaboration and ensuring the right people are present at relevant events are critical steps toward understanding the challenges posed by Quantum.  


For Martin, it became clear that the lead on Quantum technology needs to come from the Government down, especially regarding cyber security. 

“Even if this is just an expansion of the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), because it can affect not just data security, but whole company IT security. Data leaks often come after a breach. 

“The ICO monitors digital security and publishes information about data breaches and how to prepare for them, and this type of thing would be useful regarding Quantum technologies and the threats they pose as well. It would help to be able to find out if breaches came about because of negligence or through deliberate action,” he added.  

Explaining Quantum technologies 

The Roundtable, while discussing the technical aspects of Quantum Cybersecurity Innovation, also came to a consensus that effective communication was vital for wider adoption and understanding within industry. 

Explaining Quantum-related issues in a clear and accessible manner so that non-experts could understand the implications should be a priority so that they are aware of what the problems are likely to be – and which ones they should be concerned about. 

By translating complex concepts into everyday language, we can help everyone grasp the problems and why they should care about Quantum Cybersecurity. This transparency will create a more inclusive and informed approach to protecting our digital world. 

The Roundtable also discussed issues such as education and talent development, with ideas put forward on how we train and educate future students at school and university level. 

A significant recommendation that also emerged from discussions was the need for companies to conduct risk assessments on their data, especially for information that has a long shelf life or is sensitive in nature.  

Evaluating vulnerabilities and implementing appropriate security measures early on will allow organisations to mitigate risks associated with Quantum technology. Companies can also look at carrying out risk assessments now to safeguard the integrity and confidentiality of data in the Quantum era. 

Who Attended the Roundtable? 

Representatives from across the Cybersecurity and Quantum Technologies fields were invited: 

  • Airbus – Paddy Francis, 
  • KETS Quantum – Tom Crabtree, 
  • Veracity Trust Network – Martin Barker, 
  • Ethicronics – Franck Courbon, 
  • Crypto Quantique – Dr Joelle Boutari, 
  • School of Informatics, University of Edinburgh – Mina Doosti, 
  • Cryptique Consulting – Daryl Burns, 
  • FinServExperts – Areiel Wolanow, 
  • University of Bristol – John ‘JC’ Chapman. 

In addition, Charlie Rice, from InfoSec People, and Luciano Maino, from the University of Bristol, EPSRC CDT – Cyber Security TIPS, joined on the day and contributed to the discussions. 

What’s next? 

TechSpark will be issuing a report later this Summer with the findings from the Innovation Roundtable, this will be available in August. 

There is also a Cyber Tuesday event on September 12th which will be a Quantum themed “Question Time” with a panel of participants from the recent Roundtable. This will provide a platform for insightful discussion and expert answers to any pressing questions about Quantum technologies. 

About Veracity Trust Network 

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